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First of all, thanks for visiting our website. We really appreciate your interest and are trying our best to educate you why the Stealth 1 is different and works so well. The Stealth 1 DC is a charger not just a redirector of current by switching mechanisms. Please feel free to email or call us for any reason. We do believe in friendly customer support.

so HOW and WHY?

The HOW !!!
The STEALTH1 PRO-MAX consist of three components, the Stealth 1 AC, Stealth 1 DC and the Digital Gauge. In the quest to extend battery life the Stealth 1 Company developed and patented the Stealth 1 DC. It was found that the continuous charging from the alternator of the outboard motor allowed fishermen to stay on the water indefinitely.

The Stealth 1 DC, was perfectly adequate to keep trolling batteries charged in most instances. However the pros and other fishermen wanted the insurance policy of AC charging capability. So we developed the dual Stealth 1 AC and Stealth 1 DC package now known as the Stealth 1 Pro (AC & DC only). After much research and thought we wanted to equip the industry with a full bullet proof system for battery maintenance.

Tech support thorough and prompt to educate and trouble shoot the battery system,

800 number in large print on each unit for easy access and after hours support,

A gauge on board (Digital with alarms) to support every battery.

With this kind of system in place it would give the user full confidence in his electrical power system. Battery charge back has been a topic for many years. Lights on conventional AC chargers has given false security for no body really knew how many volts was in the lights anyway or at what capacity they were charged. So with the digital gauge the consumer can know they are fully charged and good to go. The biggest advantage with the "On The Run" charging and the voltmeter is knowing whether you need to plug in the 110 or not. It is very visible and reliable both while you are using the batteries or charging. The desire was to give the consumer the education and tools for such a performance, so the Stealth 1 PRO-Max (AC,DC,& Digital Gauge with full blown battery maintenance support) was developed. The Stealth 1 DC can be installed with any AC unit. With the addition of the Tow Harness these have been A popular request. But The MAX has become the OEM's Choice of installation (AC,DC,& Digital Gauge with full blown battery maintenance support).

Below graphically illustrates the incredible break through of our original Stealth 1 DC patented product.

The WHY !!!
Do you ever wonder why your expensive marine batteries don’t last as long as your considerably less-expensive automobile battery? We learned from our survey that the average fisherman is buying a new set of batteries every two years; however, the car battery lasts up to five years, and its manufacturer even guarantees that it will!
The answer is simple: DEEP CYCLE! In other words, deep-cycle discharging is the phenomenon responsible for your batteries’ not lasting longer. Simply eliminating the deep-cycle discharging greatly lengthens the life of the batteries. Although this was actually the starting idea for R&D of the STEALTH 1 DC, we have subsequently found that the STEALTH 1 DC has another important benefit: It extends a boat’s stay on the water (which equals more fishing time)! Some of our customers consider this more important than eliminating deep-cycle degradation. How much does the STEALTH 1 DC extend one’s stay on the water? With adequate output from the alternator: indefinitely! Hard to believe? You had better believe it! The key is in the word “adequate.” If the energy output from your engine is adequate for its usage in the trolling system, you are covered. Usage of energy, of course, depends on your trolling skill, habit, and conditions on the water. Don’t take me wrong; I am not trying to play with words. There are just too many variables. If you run down the lake for three minutes, trolling four hours in difficult conditions, and run back, there is no way to replenish your trolling batteries. However, if you did a few three-minute runs during those four hours, you would still have power and eliminate deep discharge. Got the idea? It's simply a matter of physics

What follows are A few diagrams to help you visually understand the STEALTH 1 TECHNOLOGY abilities .

Fig.1 Six hour voltage record of 24VDC trolling (system) batteries during a fishing tournament in extreme conditions. The engine during this event runs four times, the longest run was about fifteen minutes. As you can see, the voltage stays above 24VDC 90% of the time. At tournaments end the batteries were actually higher than at the beginning. With the STEALTH 1 Technology deep discharge is limited and the charge provided keeps the batteries toned for maximum response.Therefore charging to near 100% of capacity in this R&D graph by just running the engine.  

Fig.2 In this lab example of the STEALTH 1 DC performance, four hours of cycling (charge and discharge) 24VDC system were recorded. The charging cycle is 4 min... discharge 11 min... @ 5A. Again, as you can see the base line is solid on 24.3VDC. How often do you run your trolling motor for 11 minutes nonstop?

Fig.3 The same test, same timing as in Fig.2. This time without the support of the STEALTH 1 DC charger. The results are obvious. In four hours the trolling batteries have dropped 0.8VDC. Seems like a lot? You bet it is! Remember, the discharge current was only 5Amp, but a 24VDC trolling motor is capable of consuming five times that! In another four hours, the batteries would have dropped to 20VDC (10VDC per battery) and that's when the damage becomes DRASTIC. The small spikes are voltage readings when the load is off and both batteries naturally increase its voltage.

Fig.4 On this graph, we zoomed a little beyond one single cycle. This time the discharge cycle was 32 minutes nonstop. Again with a 5Amp load. The batteries potentially dropped from 27.2VDC down to 24.2VDC. After disconnecting the load and starting the STEALTH 1 DC, the battery was back up to its original level in 14 minutes.

Remember, the STEALTH 1 System is working with the physics of the batteries to heat compensate and to rejuvenate a batteries performance. The technology consists of the original Stealth 1 DC but now also has the Stealth 1 AC charging component, the Stealth 1 Digital Gauge for no guessing and the new Tow Package giving 40 amps while your pulling to and from your location charging all the batteries. So nobody will have an excuse to be caught dead in the water.

Currently, many pros are using the STEALTH 1 Systems such as Larry Nixon and Kevin VanDam to name a few of them. How about YOU?