The STEALTH 1 DC is 6.5 * 6.25 * 1.875 (W, L, H); weight is slightly over 3.5lb, with LED indication of operation. The Stealth 1 DC has a three-color wiring schematic for easy installation. Red power-in, Yellow ground, and Orange power-out, each molded into the unit with labeled identification for proper installation. The wires are 1' long attached to a properly sized breaker for circuit protection and for connecting the remaining part of the harness to the batteries, which are, color-coded as well. This Design makes it very friendly at installation taking away the closeness of connectors that could cause possible arching. Its design utilizes the latest and most advanced technology available working to keep the battery in top shape during use and at surface charge. The STEALTH 1 DC itself is all solid state with no switching devises. It takes 12-volt inputs and outputs at the pure voltage the charger is set for (12/12, 12/24, 12/36 or 12/48) very compact with robust base and totally potted. Which serves protector from flame, water, vibration, and heat sink for semiconductors and the mounting base. The charger is truly “SMART”. The unit is monitoring input (Red wire) and output (Orange wire) simultaneously. In every circuit (12/24/36 & 48 VDC) the charger has one common feature. The input of the charger is connected in parallel to the “cranking” battery to protect it 1st and foremost! When the engine (outboard, inboard) is started, the voltage of the cranking battery goes momentarily down due to the current necessary for starting. After the starting battery is pushed back above 13VDC the STEALTH 1 DC steps in control. First, it recognizes that there is power available on its power-in at the crank battery. Sourced from the engine’s alternator or AC 110 input to the cranking battery... (This unit never connects to the electrical system of the engine...only the crank battery). Simultaneously it is monitoring output (the charge condition of the trolling or house batteries connected to the orange output of the Stealth 1 DC). If they are under maximum charged level, whatever energy is available from the alternator or input source (AC 110) on the crank battery is transferred to the trolling or house batteries until they are fully charged keeping the crank above 13VDC. This unit is a charger... Not just a redirector of current... It actually steps up the voltage to the output sources using a patented charging method that works with the physics of the batteries for rejuvenating and heat compensating for maximum battery performances. Then the current flow is reduced to a float charge. Keeping the batteries “action ready”. A green LED light indicates that power is available to the charger, It is strictly an indication that input / output voltage is present. The STEALTH 1 DC is versatile in covering a wide area of applications. The double output can be set for 12/24/36 & 48 VDC circuits. Yes, two totally separate 12,24,36 or 48 volt systems. The 12 and 48-volt systems should be enquired about to Stealth 1 Charging. The 24/36 units are marked clearly and offer a versatile setup option that becomes a users friend. The RANGE JUMPER gives the user an option of upgrade capability. If you up size from a 24 volt setting to a 36 volt setting you simply remove the RANGE JUMPER or vise verse 36 volts to 24 volts RANGE JUMPER would be attached. This is clearly visible on the label of the units and in all the documentation
For trolling applications (24/36 VDC) it is possible to use the “cranking” battery in series with one (1) trolling battery for 24VDC system, or with two (2) trolling batteries for 36VDC. Stealth 1's smart unit allows you to equalize the batteries when the charging process begins and since we charge every time you crank the engines, we instantly begin to replenish the batteries. However, we strongly advise the Stealth 1 voltage gauge to monitor the batteries. Due to starting, aux draw and running the trolling motor, this battery can be depleted under the voltage level necessary for starting the engine. With the gauge the low voltage alarm will let you set the voltage for a warning for your protection for cranking. Stealth 1 urgently suggest the cranking battery to be a deep cycle also with 200 plus reserve capacity and 800 plus cranking amps for maximum performance with this setup. Also, all devices on the boat, which are in direct contact with water or the outboard/inboard engine, MUST be powered from the cranking battery. The diagram for this circuit is in the section “MANUAL” diagram #3 & #4 on page 4. The Stealth 1 Charger is supplied with all cables, breakers, and mounting hardware necessary for installation in the boat. All cables are approved for salt water gauge #10. Gauge of wire if added must be marine rated 10 or bigger (#8) to handle 40 amp loads. Range nuts on charger are silicon-bronze or stainless for better resistance to oxidation.

The STEALTH 1 has endless application possibilities on RVs, Houseboats, Yachts, Sailboats or Golf Carts utilizing solar energy and/or energy from the engine’s alternator. Whenever you need to charge quickly, efficiently and safely. No matter the number of batteries, regardless of the system voltage, the STEALTH 1 is the answer. Proven to give longer battery life and stronger healthier batteries.