After taking your foot off the trolling control pedal, the trolling batteries have a tendency to increase their voltage level just because you removed the load. This phenomenon happens every time regardless how deep the batteries are discharged. We call this occurrence RECOVERY. How high and how fast the voltage will “jump up” depends  on the condition of the trolling batteries' internal impedance.  

Additional charging current supplied through the STEALTH 1 supports this RECOVERY, and can result in a 20A charging current in a 24VDC trolling system. That's almost 0.5KW of power!


(1) How long do I have to run my outboard engine to keep my trolling batteries charged?
Answer:  Everything depends on how the trolling motor is run and the prevailing conditions (wind, current, trolling time, etc.). If your alternator is able deliver 40A to the STEALTH 1, recovery should result in 30 minutes or less. However, when you are trolling hard and continuously for a long time under extreme prevailing conditions, it may take longer for the trolling batteries to recover their full charge.  

It's a simple equation - if your resources (engine/alternator) are limited, extreme stress has been applied to the system and available charging time is short, charge recovery will take longer! That is why stealth 1 applied its technology to the AC 110 for capping off the batteries if it's needed. The Towing Harness is an option also that gives the same process charging as running the engine while you are pulling the boat.

(2)  If my trolling batteries are discharged, can I overload the alternator when I start the engine?
Answer: NO.  Your cranking battery is the only load your engine's alternator sees. The STEALTH 1 is designed to step in only when your cranking battery is above 13.0VDC. From that point the alternator may deliver full current if the trolling system or auxiliary batteries needs it, but the cranking battery voltage must stay above 13.0VDC for the STEALTH 1 to push power. This feature also preserves sufficient cranking energy for starting the engine.

(3) How big of an engine do I need for the stealth to be beneficial to me?
Answer: The majority of outboard engines in the 115HP to 300HP range have alternators / generators 18 amps to 60 amps. The newer engines with lower horsepower now are seeing 10 amps to 25 amps. So again let me remind you of the concept and technology Stealth 1 uses and has patented. Charge back as soon as you start the engine and our patented technology keeps the batteries ready and toned to receive the amps that are available. Which enhances the battery charge back and extends the life of the batteries. So in brief 10 amps to the batteries when they are not deep cycling will do wonders

(4) Can I install STEALTH 1 together with my current AC system?
Answer: Yes, your current system will work with  STEALTH 1 and vice versa. But our AC 110 volt technology is advanced as the DC Stealth 1 and will protect your batteries and the total weight for both stacked together as pictured is 11 lbs.

(5) How long does it takes to install STEALTH 1?
Answer: 15-30 minutes.

(6) What do I get with the STEALTH 1?
Answer: You should not have to add anything for installation. In the box is the award winning Stealth 1 DC charger preset for 24 volts (marked range jumper by the LED light) used for selecting the desired output (on 24 VDC off 36 VDC, plus all the wiring necessary for installation in your boat. In addition, there are two thermal breakers (50A/20A), and all mounting hardware. If there are any questions the Tech support toll free number 888-588-4506 is located on the charger for your free support...PLEASE CALL.

(7) Do I still need my 30lb three bank AC charger?
Answer: No. If you have the PRO or PRO MAX units you have the AC 110 also and you can remove the weight from your boat.

IMPORTANT NOTE *** If your system has a switch then the switch for the STEALTH 1 must be "ON", otherwise the trolling batteries will not be charged. (VERIFICATION IS THE DC LIGHTS ARE ON) These lights are LEDs leave the unit on.

(8) Where does this charger connect to your ignition system?
Answer: It doesn't. The charger is connected to your cranking battery (power-in), the power-out is connected to your trolling or AUX. positive post of the circuit (12,24,or 36). One ground from the Stealth 1 DC yellow lead to the crank negative then a common ground (yellow from the factory) negative crank battery to negative trolling circuit battery post. This is well diagrammed in our manual strictly color coded for your convenience. Four wires connect the whole unit.

(9) How does this system differ from Isolators?
Answer: Simply put, there is no comparison. The isolator is a passive device, applying additional resistance to the charging circuit which results in voltage drop and heat. The additional resistance also means that your battery will never be fully recharged. Besides that, one isolator is only able to partially charge one single battery, definitely no multiple batteries connected in series without some elaborate switching. That said, the Stealth 1 DC is a true output smart battery charger not a switching device nor a passive transferrer diverting power with switching mechanisms like some that have tried to get around our patent. The Technology is a one of a kind at this point.

(10) Do you offer some kind of readout (voltmeter) for trolling batteries?
Answer: Yes, A three digits LCD voltmeter, standard size (DIA 2.125), It has a low/high voltage alarm, 4 position dimming light,calibrate to a tenth of accuracy. and can be installed to read ever battery on board the boat.

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