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"Charge On The Run" and get Longer battery life, More stay power, and Healthier batteries !!!
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You asked for it...
So we did it ...
And here it is !!!
DC cleaner install completely color coded

DC easy no more nuts and post to possibly arch

DC with better defined labels for installing

DC with better Battery plate cleaning Technology

Ac 110 now 20 Amps plenty of put back power

AC 110 now can be a processor smart 2 bank output only

AC 110 reverse polarity with safety charging protection

***** Both units stacked 15 lbs *****
Why use Stealth 1 Technology? "It's simply the best"

Stealth1 works with the battery not against it.

Stealth1 is the best charging process available.

Stealth1 gives all the power available sooner than any when running, pulling, or 110 ac to all the batteries still protecting them.

Stealth1 is a battery charger not a smart switching device therefore not increasing the alternator output to make up for its loses.

Stealth1 is light weight 10.5 lbs both units

Stealth1 is very versatile for install stack for compact or separate the AC DC for available space fill in

Stealth1 systems can provide power to as many AS 10 to 12 batteries with one system. (12,24,36 and 48 VOLTS)

Stealth1 will cost you less in the long run GUARANTEED. You will see a 2 to 3 year longer battery life when used as designed.

Last but not least We at Stealth1 will support you with our award winning product, warranties and TECH SUPPORT. So please call us thats what the 888-588-4506 number is should never want for performance or answers.

As Kevin Vandam says "SUPERIOR BAR NONE"